Being allocated social housing

When you're allocated a property you enter into a legal contract with us. This is called the tenancy agreement.

If you're offered a property:

  • checks will be made to make sure that your circumstances haven't changed, for example that no rent or other debt is owed
  • you'll have a chance to view the property and decide whether you want to accept it. If you refuse two reasonable offers which meet your stated choices, your application will be cancelled. You'll be asked for your reasons for refusing the homes and we'll check whether you want to reconsider your options
  • you're expected to make a decision after you view the property
  • once the start date of the tenancy has been confirmed, occupation must be taken up immediately, unless other arrangements have been agreed with the local housing office. If you don't do this, legal action will be taken to recover the property for non-occupation and any rent arrears owed

You're expected to occupy your property as your main and permanent home. If you need to go away for a long period, such as for a hospital admission, please let us know. If you're not living at your home and you haven't told us, we may begin legal action to evict you.