Apply for affordable housing

You may be able to rent one of the roughly 8000 affordable homes (council houses) that we and Registered Providers of Social Housing (housing associations) have in the district.

To understand what affordable housing is available, how to apply for it, and what happens when you do, please view our affordable housing information sheet. If you have any further questions, our full policy on affordable housing and a summary of it is available too, and you may also want to read through the other pages on this website to get a better understanding of what housing options are available to you.

To apply for affordable housing, visit HBC Homes Online.

HBC Homes Online

Update your housing waiting application

If you've already applied for affordable housing, you can check what you told us on your application or update it with any changes by visiting HBC Homes Online.

HBC Homes Online

View your housing waiting list points and positions

If you've already applied for affordable housing, you can check your points and your positions on our housing waiting list with your My Harrogate account. Please note that, although your position on the waiting list may vary slightly as applicants join and leave, substantial change is unlikely unless your application has been updated following changes in your circumstances. We will contact you as soon as you are shortlisted for a property.

Check your points and positions