We work closely with several housing associations in the district to develop affordable housing for rent.

Housing associations are what is called "registered providers", not private landlords. They provide housing in a very similar way to us and are non-profit making. Their rents tend to be higher than council rents, but many of their homes are newer than council properties, and the rent is very reasonable compared to the cost of renting a similar home privately.

Some people on our housing waiting list are offered a housing association property instead of a council home.

People who rent a housing association home must meet their rules and tenancy conditions. Housing associations offer "assured tenancies", which offer security similar to a council tenancy. There is a special tenants' charter which protects tenants' rights.

Housing association tenants can apply to their association for a transfer to a council home in the same way as council tenants, and they are dealt with in exactly the same way as our tenants.

Housing associations holding properties within the Harrogate district