After you've filled in your housing waiting list application form it is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

You will receive a letter or email confirming your points award within 28 days of it being received at housing needs, unless we're waiting for information such as landlord tenancy checks.

If you have medical circumstances or a disability which are affected by your current housing, you may have to wait up to eight weeks before we can give you your total points award. You may also have to wait for this period if you have special needs. This is because we may seek opinions from other agencies to assess your entitlement to medical or special needs points.

If you've stated on your application that your present home is in disrepair, we'll have to visit you before we can award disrepair points.

Offers of housing

You will be considered for both council housing and housing association housing.

It's not possible for us to say exactly how long you may have to wait to be made an offer. We have many people in need of the small amount of family accommodation that becomes available each year.

When a property becomes vacant, it's allocated to the person with the most points and is the highest priority on the housing list. You can check your current points allocation and position online using our housing waiting list position form.

Housing waiting list position form

We try to give you advance notice of an offer of accommodation but it isn't always possible. If you receive an offer, you should contact your local housing office within the timescale mentioned in the letter. If you don't do this, we may offer the property to someone else. For housing association accommodation, we will forward your details to the landlord who will contact you directly.

If we make you an offer, we hope you'll find it acceptable. As people are continually joining the housing list, some of whom may have higher priority than you, we can't always promise that we can make further offers in any given timeline. We do have a rule that after two suitable offers have been refused, the application will be cancelled.

If we accept a full duty to you under the Housing Act 1996, you'll be made one suitable offer of accommodation. You won't be able to specify the type of property you'll be offered. If you refuse this offer, you'll be responsible for finding your own accommodation.

For more information, speak to our customer services team on 01423 500600.

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