Our garden waste service has now changed to an opt-in subscription service. This is available to residents who live in the area where we currently collect garden waste.  You can join the scheme at any time this season but you will still be required to pay the full amount.

For more information please visit the garden waste subscription service page.

In 2018 our garden waste collection service will be offered to everyone in the district.

You can check your collection day and find out about alternative bank holiday collections by visiting secure.harrogate.gov.uk/inmyarea.

You should put your wheelie bin, boxes and bags at the kerbside by 7am on your collection day.

Most homes are on an alternate weekly collection service. This means one week we collect your kerbside recycling (in two black boxes and a blue bag, and the next week we collect your residual waste (in a black wheelie bin). Households that are not suitable for a wheelie bin will have a maximum of two rubbish sacks collected each week. We also offer a green sack service for garden waste for those currently not on the service or where there is no space for a bin.  If you use this service please leave your green waste sacks by your black wheelie bin.

We know sometimes it can be confusing to know what materials go in what bin or box so we have a handy recycling leaflet which tells you all about what to put in your bin, box and bag.

About 60% of houses in the district currently have access to a kerbside collection of garden waste. If you want further information on garden waste please see our garden waste page.

The containers you need are

  • 2 recycling boxes for: mixed glass (bottles and jars of any colour), mixed plastics (squashed plastic bottles (including trigger spray bottles), yoghurt pots, plastic tubs, margarine tubs), mixed cans (food and drink, aluminium or steel), tin foil (and foil containers), food and drinks cartons, empty aerosol containers (such as air fresheners, deodorant cans, shaving foam)
  • 2 blue bags for: mixed paper (newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, office paper any colour, clean paper bags, envelopes including window, wrapping paper, junk mail, telephone directories and catalogues, card such as cereal boxes and ready meals packaging, greetings cards, egg boxes, brown cardboard
  • 1 wheelie bin for: non-recyclable waste only
  • 1 wheelie bin with a brown lid for: garden waste (this service is under review and is due to change in 2017)

Please do not include the following in your recycling collections:

  • broken glass
  • Pyrex or cookware glass
  • glasses or spectacles
  • light bulbs
  • paint cans
  • other metals
  • dark plastic food trays
  • wrapping paper made with glitter or foil
  • pizza boxes

Other recycling suggestions

Electrical equipment: Some high street retailers provide an in-store take back scheme for electrical and electronic items when you buy a new item from them.

Batteries: Distributors of portable batteries and accumulators have to provide in-store take-back for anyone who has batteries to dispose of. Most large retailers that sell batteries now have a take-back facility for you to recycle your old batteries.

Textile recycling: Bag It Up runs textile recycling banks throughout the region, raising thousands of pounds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Textiles, bras, shoes, mobile phones and printer cartridges are collected and resold to second-hand traders. For more information, visit the Bag It Up website.

Mobile phones, toner/inkjet cartridges and foreign currency: These are accepted by many charities.

Plastic bags and packaging: For the first time, shoppers can easily recycle thin plastic packaging, thanks to an agreement between the country's biggest supermarkets and the On Pack Recycling Label scheme. Products include: plastic-wrapped bakery goods, breakfast cereal liners, packaging for household goods (toilet roll wrap, kitchen roll wrap) plastic-wrapped grocery produce (fresh and frozen), multipack shrink wrap. Stores which collect plastic bags for recycling will now accept clean plastic film packaging in the same facilities. Carrier bag banks can be found at branches of Asda, The Co-operative Group, WM Morrison, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose.

Re-use schemes: As the least polluting way of dealing with waste, we support re-use schemes wherever possible. Charity shops and schemes such as Freecycle and Essential Needs will find a good home for items you no longer want. For nearly new baby and children's clothes, toys, prams and equipment at much reduced prices, the Harrogate, Wetherby and Ripon branch of the NCT holds nearly new sales throughout the year.

Unwanted cars: If you have an old car that you no longer want, consider donating it to Giveacar. A donation, equivalent to the scrap value of the car, is made to a charity of your choice.

If you are looking to dispose of other non bulky items further information on the household waste and recycling centres in North Yorkshire is available, please see North Yorkshire County Council's website.

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Page last updated 10/08/2017