Residents can check their waste and recycling collection dates by visiting

The council operates an email and text update service for residents, notifying them directly of collection changes and other service issues. Residents can sign up to the service by emailing or calling 01423 500600.

If you think your bin, box,bag or sack has not been collected, first make sure that it was in the right place before 7am, that it was not over-filled and that your neighbours' bins have been emptied.

Please note that we will not take any waste that is left beside your bin and we are confident that the bins, boxes, bags and sacks provided have sufficient capacity for the waste your household produces.

If you feel you need more recycling containers please try squashing your cans and plastics before putting into your box as you will then be able to fit more in.

If it has not been collected by 4pm, complete the online form below.

We will then investigate the reason behind the non-collection and will aim to collect the bin, if we have missed it, within five working days.

Enquiries form

Page last updated 06/11/2017