Each household in the district produces on average 750 kilograms of rubbish every year. The amount of rubbish we throw away is increasing due to things like lifestyle changes and an increasing population.

We really appreciate all residents’ efforts to recycle but we still need to further increase the amount of waste that we recycle. It really does make a difference.

Did you know it costs over £85 per tonne to send waste to landfill (that is the waste you put in your black bin / bag) whilst the cost of recycling is less than half of this?

Through recycling, we are helping the environment as recycling stops rubbish going to landfill because materials are reprocessed into new products.

For example:

  • steel cans can be re-processed and be used to make things like fridges and car doors
  • recycled aluminium is used to make lightweight components for the car industry
  • cardboard is soaked and pulped and made back into cardboard packaging
  • glass can be recycled and turned into new bottles and jars
  • paper is recycled and turned into paper again or to supply newsprint
  • plastic bottles, tubs and trays can be made into new food and drinks packaging and can even be made into fleece jackets

Where does the recycling I put out go?

The recycling material we collect from you is first taken to the Claro Road Waste Transfer station.

The items are then transferred to Yorwaste's materials recycling facility at Harewood Whin, Rufforth (near York) and Seamer Carr, near Scarborough, for sorting and baling.

What eventually happens to the recycling materials:

  • steel cans are sent to Ward Brothers in Teeside
  • aluminium cans are sent to Novelis in Warrington
  • glass is taken to Viridor in Sheffield
  • paper and magazines are sent to the UPM paper mill in Shotton, Wales
  • card/cardboard is taken to Saica, Partington, Manchester
  • mixed plastics go to the Roydon Group in Manchester food and drink cartons are sent to Sonoco in Halifax

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Page last updated 21/08/2017