We need your help!

At Harrogate Borough Council we are always looking for ways to improve services for our customers.

We have recently been reviewing what we call our housing local standards.  These are short documents in which we:

  • explain the standard of service we are aiming to provide
  • describe what you, as our customer, can expect from us and
  • let you know what we need you to do to help us make sure our services run as they should

All of these standards are now in draft form and we would really like to hear what you think of them, whether they are about right or whether we need to make some changes.

There are 17 standards. Please follow the links for each standard you wish to read below. To then comment on any of the standards please follow the tell us what you think link at the bottom of this page.

Anti-social behaviour
Ending your tenancy
Equality and diversity
Grounds maintenance
Housing allocations
Housing options
Independent living service
Neighbourhood and communities
New tenants
Property services in-house customer care
Property services standards repair and maintenance
Rent arrears
Right to buy
Temporary accommodation
Tenant and leaseholder involvement

We would really like your views by Friday 19 October. We will be looking at all the comments we receive, making further changes and then submitting the drafts for council approval.

Tell us what you think

Thank you for your help - we really appreciate your time!

Page last updated 14/09/2018