Get a unique insight into what we do and how we do it by doing a work experience placement with us.

Every year we offer work experience placements to secondary schools students, students in further or higher education or people wishing to get some experience of a different kind of workplace and people wanting to develop their employability skills. The length of placements varies from one day to a few weeks depending on the type of work experience you require.

In May, June or July 2020 we will offer the following placements to secondary school students:

Democratic services officer/legal - placements taken
Finance/benefit and customer services - placements taken
Harrogate Convention Centre - placements taken
Human resources - placements taken
ICT - placements taken
In house maintenance - placements taken
Mercer Art Gallery - placements taken
Nidderdale Pool and Leisure Centre
Organisation development
Property maintenance - placements taken
The Hydro - placements taken
Tourism Information Centre

Work experience request form

Take a look at what secondary schools students had to say about the work experience they had with the council:

“It's not very often I wake up in the morning and feel like I am actually alive, but this past week I have been going to sleep in excitement and waking up in anticipation for the next day to come of my experience… I can confidently say that the stereotypes I thought of a council, of formality and ‘no fun’ policies…have been smashed for me in every way, and the true integrity of the community within the departments has left a lasting impression.”

“I feel much more confident, for when I go into a work place, full time. I feel this experience has really given me an insight into what I would like to do in the future. I will miss being at the council; being at school made me realise how much I enjoyed working at the council”

“What a fantastic placement. Lovely people who made me really welcome. I have learned more then I do in a term at school. The placement was tailored to meet my interests and I had an amazing time!”

Page last updated 28/02/2020