Here at Harrogate Borough Council, our priorities are to achieve excellent customer service and customer satisfaction. To do this we must put our customers at the heart of everything we do, get customer service right first time every time at the first point of contact and correct mistakes quickly. Customers have a common expectation - they simply want someone to do something about the issue they are concerned with and to contact us in a way and at a time that suits them.

We need to transform the customer experience. We want our customers to recognise and value the excellent services we provide, to be confident that our services are good value for money, and to feel their voice is heard. We need to show we use our resources effectively and efficiently and that we engage customers to inform and help us focus on priorities.

Customers are not interested in who does what; they just want to be able to access services in a straightforward way, and for the range and quality of the services to be the same irrespective of where they live in the district.

We believe that by putting our customers first we will ensure the council becomes an outstanding service organisation.

What is our vision?

"One council that is customer focussed, commercially driven and fit for the future"

How will we get there?

The success of this vision lies with the way we look after our customers. To achieve our vision we will commit to three ambitions. Each ambition requires the whole council team to commit to achieving our goal.

To find out more please read our customer ambition strategy

Page last updated 27/11/2017