2018 STARS winners

On Wednesday 27 June 2018 we held the first combined staff awards event for our long serving colleagues and those who made the shortlist under the annual STARS scheme.

Congratulations to the winners who were presented with their awards at the event:

Employee of the Year

Amanda Chandler from our housing team
Amanda went over and above normal service when the bad weather hit early in the year. She abandoned her car and managed to travel from her home in Nidderdale to the sheltered housing scheme she runs in Masham. She even packed an overnight bag and stayed on site from Wednesday to Saturday to make sure her residents were looked after.

Manager of the Year

Laura Griffiths from ICT team
Laura has made a significant difference to the ICT department - and the whole of the council - since she joined HBC. She has a blend of excellent personal and work strengthens which she uses to great effect in her role.

Team of the Year

ICT team
The ICT service was keeping all systems running while managing the move to the civic centre. The team worked outside of normal working hours and went the extra mile to ensure everything was in place for when colleagues arrived in the new building. All this was happening while the service to other teams carried on seamlessly.

Young person of the Year

Ellis Higgins from our parks team
Ellis is an inspiration for what can be achieved when you are passionate, determined and have the support you need. He's a "valued team member who is developing and gaining new skills all the time as his confidence grows."

The winners were chosen out of 52 nominations received. Out of those 15 made the shortlist and they were:

Employee of the Year - Amanda Chandler, Lucy Lambley, Luis Nelham, Bobby Phillips and Emma Walsh.

Manager of the Year - Laura Eden, Laura Griffiths, Natasha Hendry and Helen Suckling.

Team of the Year - EDMS Project team (Electronic Document Management System), ICT team, Rachel Wills and Colin Ward from Knaresborough TIC

Young person of the Year - Ellis Higgins, Freja Lythgow and Emma Woods

Thank you to our customers and our staff who nominated their STAR under the scheme and congratulations to all nominated employees.

The nominations for 2018 are now closed. The next window of nominations will be from 1 January 2019 to 31 March 2019.

We will be looking for you as residents, customers and users of our services, to nominate individuals or teams who you believe deserve to be recognised.

Award categories

Awards are given in four categories:

Best employee
Best manager
Best team
Young person of the year - (recognising the work of employees aged 25 and under)

Criteria for nominations: Our values and standards of behaviour

STARS recognises, rewards and celebrates the achievements of employees who excel at our values and standards of behaviour:

  • delivering excellent customer service
  • taking responsibility
  • showing resilience
  • working together
  • leading by example

Full details of the council's values and standards of behaviour

Each nomination for Best Employee, Best Manager and Best Team should give specific examples of how the individual or team excel at the council's values and standards of behaviour (in no more than 200 words).

Each nomination for Young Person of the Year should give specific examples of how the individual has shown exceptional skills and commitment to their job and understood and demonstrated our values and standards of behaviour (in no more than 200 words).

Shortlisting and judging

The shortlist will be announced in April.

There are two judging panels, one made up of staff from across the council and the other consisting of the council's Management Board.

The awards presentation

The next awards presentation will take place in June 2019.

All shortlisted individuals and teams will be invited to attend the presentation.

We welcome feedback about our services and employees all year round.  This can be done at any time by using the comments, compliments and complaints form.

Comments, compliments and complaints form

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