Help for vulnerable residents

The government has already been in touch with the most vulnerable people in the district who need to self-isolate for the longest period during the pandemic. If you've received your letter or text message from government, you can register to receive help with food and prescriptions.

We know that there are residents across the district who aren't on the government's list but are in isolation and may need some additional help. We've been in touch with everyone who we know require support. In the first instance, you should speak to friends, family or neighbours where possible and ask for their help. This is so you remain safe within the community. Your family members can also help with making online payments where necessary.

If your family, friends or neighbours can't help please contact North Yorkshire County Council on 01609 780780 or our customer services team on 01423 500600.

We continue to work with our statutory partner organisations and colleagues in the voluntary sector to establish ‘community support organisations’ across the district to provide local help.

Status of EU citizens in the UK

Information for European Union citizens, and their families, about their rights in the UK.

The scheme will open fully by March 2019. The deadline for applying will be 30 June 2021. You may be able to apply after this date if you're joining a family member in the UK.

For more information please visit GOV.UK

Sign up for email alerts

If you are an EU citizen living in the UK, sign up for email updates about developments on:

  • the status of EU citizens in the UK after we leave the EU
  • the next steps for EU citizens in the UK

Looking out for our neighbours

Let's be there for one another

Looking out for our neighbours is a social movement that aims to prevent loneliness throughout West Yorkshire and Harrogate by encouraging people to do simple things to help out their neighbours.

Reach out to someone near you: