Please follow the points below and avoid unnecessary food poisoning and accidental injury.

Food safety

In warm weather, any food poisoning bacteria contained within meat and chicken will grow quickly, so

  • defrost all frozen meat and poultry and keep separate to ready-to-eat foods
  • keep all raw meat cool and covered in the refrigerator or cool box with ice packs, until it is to be cooked
  • food must be stored off the ground
  • ensure that separate plates and utensils are used for raw and cooked food (paper plates can be useful)
  • wear and apron, preferably wipeable
  • ensure the BBQ is hot enough (coals should be white). Meat should be sealed on the grill in the lower position, then cooked on a higher position
  • use separate tongs for putting raw food onto the BBQ
  • consider cooking chicken and meat thoroughly in an oven, then "finish it off" on the BBQ. Do not rush the cooking
  • use small pieces of meat. Check they are thoroughly cooked. Use a knife to pierce; look for clear juices
  • once the food is cooked eat it at once. Do not forget to wash your hands!
  • do not prepare food too far in advance or reheat it
  • keep all food covered to prevent contamination by flies, grass, mud etc
  • hot and cold water should be available with soap and paper towels
  • remember to wash your hands in between handling raw and cooked food. Hand wipes are only a supplement to hand washing
  • avoid smoking or drinking whilst cooking
  • keep a first aid kit handy

Personal safety

  • have one person in charge and do not leave the BBQ unattended
  • place the BBQ on a stable level, sheltered site away from anything that could catch fire, such as trees, sheds and fences. Never use in a confined space such as garage/conservatory
  • keep people, children and pets away, even after cooking has finished. A barrier should protect the public
  • light the BBQ an hour before you begin cooking. Stack charcoal into a pyramid about 5-7.5cm deep
  • it is safer to use an approved fire lighter to start the fire. If you use BBQ lighter fuel, replace the top and keep it and matches away from the fire. Light with a taper or long match
  • never move a BBQ once it has been lit
  • never pour petrol or flammable liquids onto the coals as it may flare up and cause serious burns. Use the lid to cover the fire if it does
  • long hair and loose clothes may catch fire. Tie hair back. Avoid flammable or loose clothes
  • use long tools with insulated handles and use oven gloves
  • opening foil food packets releases steam that may scald you
  • always keep a bucket of sand or water available but remember, water may turn to steam and scald you if used on hot coals
  • do not allow just to burn out afterwards, put the fire out and dispose of the ashes carefully. They will stay hot for hours and may cause a fire during the night.  Do not bring the fire indoors or into tents, caravans etc
  • the use of LPG for cooking or heating water requires specific consideration. Please ring 01423 556815 for further advice

Page last updated 08/09/2017