If you're thinking of starting your own business or have begun trading in the last three years then the Enterprise Gateway can offer you lots of advice and support including:

  • help to think through ideas through discussion with an experienced advisor
  • access to information to help you get the details right
  • workshops where you can learn about operating a business

The Enterprise Gateway is a free service if you live in the Harrogate district or intend to run a business here. We support all kinds of businesses from inventors to retailers, from food producers to dog walkers and many more besides!

How we can help you

We offer face-to-face discussions with an advisor who has years of experience helping others to get started. We also have lots of links with other organisations which exist to support new businesses. This means we can answer your queries about all sorts of things quickly and clearly. Concerned about tax and national insurance? Wondering how to do the accounts? What about employing people? All these topics and many more are often discussed when we meet and everything is confidential.

We'll help you to consider how to market your product or service, sort out the finance to make it possible and also support you as you set up the systems and processes that enable your idea to become a reality. We have lots of data sheets we can give you so that you can take your time reading and understanding the things that will matter to your business.

Workshop programme

We also run a series of workshops covering all of the key aspects of starting a business.

The workshops give you a chance to meet with other people starting their own business and they are a great way to make sure your Business Plan is well thought through.

Business workshops

Page last updated 17/10/2017