Harrogate Advertiser Excellence in Business Awards 2019

Green Business Awards category, sponsored by Harrogate Borough Council

The council is committed to ensuring the district is a progressive and vibrant place to live, work and visit. We know that many local businesses share this aim and are actively 'being green'. We are therefore delighted to sponsor this new Green Business Award, recognising local companies that are going the extra, green, mile and providing inspiration for others. Two awards will be given, to one small business (1-49 employees) and to one larger business (50+employees).

Award criteria:

Entrants will demonstrate the positive environmental impact of their activities. The judges are keen to hear about everything local businesses are doing to improve their environmental performance, including planning and evaluation, and we have provided some examples:

  • Reducing carbon footprint, for example:
    • installing energy efficiency measures or practices in the workplace
    • installing renewable energy
    • encouraging sustainable transport, including walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing and electric vehicles
    • addressing carbon emissions in supply chains; setting carbon reduction targets
  • Waste minimisation and resource efficiency, for example:
    • practices to show how a company successfully follows the waste hierarchy to reduce, reuse and recycle; minimising single use plastics
    • reducing waste in the supply chain
    • using raw materials efficiently including water
    • setting waste minimisation targets
  • Improving the local environment, for example:
    • protecting natural habitats
    • improving biodiversity in business premises or in the local area
    • activities to prevent air and / or water pollution
    • engaging with and inspiring good practice in the local community
  • Creating an environmentally-aware business, for example:
    • adopting and acting upon a company-wide environmental policy or strategy
    • showing how environmental risks and issues are dealt with by senior management/board
    • communicating and successfully engaging staff and other stakeholders
    • demonstrating innovation

Judges will be looking for sustained and successful 'green business' practices. Projects and policies that demonstrate innovation and inspiration are particularly encouraged, so the benefits of being a green business can be shared. Please visit the Harrogate Advertiser Excellence in Business Awards 2019.