View your business rates online

If you have a business rates account you can now view your account online. You will be able to:

  • view your account statement and installments
  • check your balance and make payments
  • contact us and tell us of a change

Your account details are held securely, so to access them you will need to register or sign in to your My Harrogate customer account. Once you are signed in, go to the My accounts tab to add access to your business rates account. You will need your account reference number shown on your bill.

Register or sign in

Council tax and business rates scams

Harrogate Borough Council are aware of instances where people have presented themselves as enforcement officers to try and fraudulently obtain money from our customers for council tax or business rates.  If an enforcement officer comes to your home or business, you should ask to see a current, valid identification card.  If you receive a phone call do not provide details of your property or accounts as the officer should be able to provide this information already.  If you are in any doubt a contact is genuine, please contact us on 01423 500600.

For information on how to identify council tax and business rates scams and what you can do to avoid them please visit