Night Marshals patrol Harrogate town centre to support North Yorkshire Police on Friday and Saturday nights between 12pm and 5am when pubs and clubs are at their busiest.

They have also worked in other areas of the district, such as Ripon or Knaresborough, when events have attracted big crowds.

The scheme is fully supported by the police, whose officers brief the marshals before every patrol. Their role is to provide a reassuring presence on the streets and to intervene early to prevent alcohol-related violence.

They have no formal legal powers, but, like anyone, can use reasonable force to help the police, to prevent an offence from taking place or to detain someone who has committed a crime until the police take over. They carry radio handsets which link them to CCTV control, door supervisors and the police. Body worn cameras are also worn to record potentially violent incidents.

Marshals work for a Leeds-based private security company, which is under contract to us. We manage the scheme on behalf of Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership.

Page last updated 30/05/2016