Energy efficiency, or EPC, surveys are often carried out when a tenancy is about to end or has already ended.

Other reasons for us wanting to do a survey of your home include when:

  • improvements or repairs are about to be carried out
  • we need information to help us make maintenance and improvement plans
  • we need to check your buildings for signs of structural movement
  • it's part of the home-buying process

All surveyors from Harrogate Borough Council, or anyone from a company that works for us, carries photo identification.

If a surveyor isn't able to show their ID card and you're unsure about them for any reason, don't let them into your home.

The same applies if someone telephones you to make a survey appointment. If you're unsure, don't agree to an appointment. 

Ask the caller for a name, company and phone number so you can call them back if you need to. Then contact our property services team on 01423 500600 and ask us about the call. We'll tell you whether the person or company is known to us and doing something we've asked them to do.

Don't call them back at all if we say they're not working for us.

Page last updated 08/09/2017