White Rose Credit Union (WRCU) is a financial cooperative set up to give our members access to competitive savings plans. Our members enjoy our straightforward, honest approach to their money. We are a community-focused organisation, with 36,000 members, and one of the largest credit unions in the UK. With six information points across the Harrogate district. 

For more  information please visit our website at www.leedscitycreditunion.co.uk/whiterose or email us at services@leedscitycreditunion.co.uk.

The Christmas Club account gives you that piece of mind that you will be saving all year round for a happy Christmas.

Key account features

  • save as much or as little as you want between January and the end of October
  • on 1 November the money can be requested to be transferred to your membership account
  • any dividend paid is gross of tax before transfer
  • target dividend rate: 0.5%

Page last updated 18/08/2017