Many customers believe that Harrogate Borough Council automatically insure their furniture, belongings and decorations against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage, such as burst pipes, but this isn't the case.

Unfortunately, some people only realise this after the damage has been done.

Now, we've negotiated a scheme with a leading insurance firm that gives tenants the chance to insure their home contents in an easy and affordable way.

The contents insurance scheme is easy to apply for. Complete the application form. This is a voluntary scheme and you're free to make your own arrangements if you choose. If you don't take out insurance you'll be responsible for the costs of the repair or replacement of any of the contents of your home that are not the landlord's responsibility. This includes accidental damage to fixtures and fittings, and the cost of replacement keys.

For more information on the insurance scheme please call 01423 500600.

Page last updated 07/11/2017