If you have your own garden, you're responsible for cutting the grass and hedges, pruning trees and keeping the borders tidy.

Our local housing offices no longer sell green refuse sacks for garden rubbish. But you can still buy them for £7.66 per roll (£4.60 for senior citizens) from the customer service centres at the Crescent Gardens council offices in Harrogate, and Ripon Town Hall, Market Place, during office hours, Monday to Friday.

You can also order sacks over the telephone on 01423 500600.

Responsibility for boundary fences and hedges

When you move into your home, we'll tell you who's responsible for looking after hedges and fences.

If you're responsible for a hedge next to a footpath or ginnel, you must maintain both sides and make sure that the hedge doesn't cause an obstruction.

Gardening help

If you're elderly, disabled, or have have no-one living at home or nearby who can do the garden for you, we may be able to help. Please contact us on 01423 500600.

Page last updated 07/11/2017