Under discounted home ownership, you can buy 100% of a newly-built or converted property at a discount of up to 65% on the market value.

The property is bought on a leasehold basis with the freehold retained by a housing association. When the property is resold, it's sold at the same market value discount.

Who's eligible

Social housing tenants or those on Harrogate Borough Council's housing register and in housing need are eligible. Priority is normally given to people with a local connection.

How to apply

If you're not on Harrogate Borough Council's housing waiting list, you'll need to complete a housing waiting list application. You might also have to apply separately to the housing association which looks after the particular development.

You can find out about any new developments or re-sales on the list of the latest affordable housing for sale. The property details on the list will tell you about any local connection requirements and give contact details for the housing association running the scheme.

Page last updated 07/11/2017