We arrange grounds maintenance and grass cutting services across the district.

This includes:

  • grass cutting
  • hedge cutting
  • shrub bed maintenance
  • flower bed maintenance
  • litter collection

Our parks and open spaces team carry out the grass cutting and the maintenance of shrub beds, rose beds, flowerbeds and hedges on land owned by the council in:

  • parks and public open spaces
  • housing areas, such as those around flats and communal gardens and warden assisted schemes
  • highway verges (on contract from North Yorkshire County Council)
  • cemeteries and closed churchyards

Grass cutting

Grass cutting is carried out between March and October, with the majority of areas cut every two to three weeks.

Grass is only collected on fine turf areas, such as bowling and putting greens and ornamental areas, which include flower beds. No other grass is collected owing to the high cost of removal and disposal.

Grass cutting is carried out on a rolling programme that takes at least two weeks to complete. This generally works well but when we have wet weather, it does cause problems and we can receive complaints.

We don't have the option of delaying, or not cutting it, because we don't have the resources to catch up.

We try to carry on cutting and only miss or delay a cut if machines are actually causing damage to the grass sward and leaving ruts.

The mowing machines are fitted with special tyres that allow them to operate in wet weather. But what often happens is that soil is disturbed and results in “staining” of the grass, but this is only superficial and soon washes out. It may look unsightly for a day or two but it doesn't cause lasting harm. However, delaying the cuts, especially if it's over several days, would, so we continue to cut the grass when many people may expect us not to.

The teams are very experienced and we've found that this system works well without any long-lasting problems.

Hedge cutting

Hedges are usually kept to a maximum height of two metres and, depending on species, location and health and safety, pruning is carried out once or twice a year. If you're a council tenant and are eligible to have your hedge cut, yours will get done twice a year. If you're unsure whether your hedge will be cut, contact your local housing office.

Shrub bed maintenance

Shrub beds are pruned back once a year to remove the previous year's growth according to their location and species; weeds, litter and debris are removed at the same time. The maintenance visits take place once in winter. If shrubs overhang the highway, or are causing a health and safety issue, they'll be pruned when necessary.

Flower bed maintenance

Flowerbeds are planted twice a year, June-July and October, with suitable annual bedding plants and are hand weeded regularly.

Litter collection

Litter in parks and open spaces is collected by parks staff throughout the year, seven days a week in certain areas. The frequency depends on the location of the park and its usage:

  • ornamental gardens - daily
  • parks - weekly or fortnightly
  • play areas depending on their location

Broken glass is removed on the same day where possible, and if not early the next day.


We offer sponsorship opportunities for roundabouts and other floral sites. If interested, contact our consultants, Community Partners, on 01423 706690 or at enquiries@communitypartners.co.uk.

Page last updated 02/08/2018