This information is to help you understand what happens to an application after we receive it.

If the applicant has an agent all correspondence, including the decision notice, will be sent directly to the agent who should keep the applicant updated on the application.


The application is checked and if there are any problems with it we will contact your agent, if appointed, or you to let you know what you need to do. Once the application is complete we will send an acknowledgement and the application will be displayed on Public Access. Depending on the type of application a statutory press notice may also be required. The application will be allocated to a planning officer who will visit the site to assess the proposal and put up a site notice.


We consult specialist organisations and different sections of the Council on the proposed development and notify the parish council. We may request that the application is amended if a problem is identified that can quickly and easily be resolved. If the amendments required are significant you may need to submit a new application. All the consultation responses and comments received from the public about an application are displayed on Public Access.


The planning officer will consider the proposal in the light of the Development Plan and other material considerations and write a report.


Most applications are determined by the Chief Planner under powers that the Council has delegated to him under the Planning Scheme of Delegation.

Constitution of the council contains the Planning Scheme of Delegation within Council Functions and Executive Functions (Part 3) and Planning Code of conduct for members and officers (Part 5).

The remainder are determined by committee. The meetings are open to the public and those with an interest in the application will have the opportunity to address the meeting under the terms of the Opportunity to Speak Scheme.

A formal decision notice will be issued to you or your agent to confirm the decision. The decision notice will also be available on Public Access.

Page last updated 11/07/2016