Welcome to the new look local validation manual for planning applications. The manual has been reviewed to make it easier to use, in order to get started simply click on the type of development that you want to know more about.

We have also put together a quick and easy to use matrix showing the requirements for development type.

Types of developments

When making a planning application it is vital that it is supported by adequate and accurate information to enable the council, members of the public and other statutory bodies to understand the proposals, and allow a proper assessment of the potential impact of the development.

Planning applications which are not submitted with the correct information as stated within these pages may be treated as invalid and will not be processed until such time as the required information has been submitted.

If an application is found to be invalid the Receiving Officer will try to contact the applicant or agent by telephone and will also send a letter/email specifying the details required to validate the application.

After 4 weeks, if either the required information has not been received or written confirmation of when the information will be submitted has not been received the application and any fees associated will be returned minus any administration fee.

Please note that in exceptional circumstances, further information for a specific application, above and beyond the requirements of the contents of these pages, maybe required. If this is the case one of our officers will be in contact with you directly to discuss this matter.

If you feel that the requested validation information do not meet the requirements set out in the Town and Country Planning (Develop Management Procedure) Order, then you have a right of appeal for non-determination.

If your application is found to be invalid The Order allows you to send an "Article 10A" notice which must:

  1. set out which information or evidence you as the applicant either consider to be a reasonable requirement for the scale and nature of the development proposal or are not concerned with a matter which it is reasonable to think will be material in the determination of the application
  2. state the reasons you as the applicant hold that view
  3. request we waiver the requirement(s)

Once we have received your application we will notify you of the decision within 8 weeks, although for major this timescale is extended to 13 weeks.

Page last updated 17/01/2018