Before you submit your application you should refer to the local validation criteria which explains what information is needed at the start of the planning process to help us register your application.

A planning application cannot be progressed until all the necessary supporting information and the appropriate fee is received.

Please be aware that the PDF/paper versions of the online planning application forms are only intended to be printed off and completed by hand.

If you wish to complete a planning application form electronically, then you will need ensure that you are registered and logged in with the Planning Portal.  Once logged in, start an online application and follow the onscreen step-by-step process.

If you do not wish to submit online then just complete the online forms and then click 'print entire form'.  This will open a completed PDF form that you can then either print off or save to your computer.

Full planning consent

Form Help Checklist and notes

Householder planning consent

Form Help Neighbour notification certificate Checklist and notes

Household planning check

To apply for a permitted development check only:

Many house extensions, alterations and outbuildings do not require planning permission from the Council. Please see the guidance on the Planning Portal and our do I need planning permission page.

We offer a Householder Planning Check service and will tell you what permissions are needed for your project. This will cover any requirements for building regulation approval, listed building consent, conservation area consent and approvals for tree works as well as planning permission.

It makes good sense for you to do this:

  • for your own peace of mind
  • for record purposes when selling your property
  • when raising finance on your property
  • to show anyone who questions your right to build

Most additions and alterations to flats will need planning permission but you may use this form to see if any other consents are needed.

The Householder Planning Check service will inform you whether permissions are required. If you would like a pre-application assessment of your project which will tell you whether you are likely to get planning permission please see pre-application advice. This is a separate chargeable service.

What you need to give us for a Householder Planning Check

  • A full description of your proposals using the form below
  • A fee of £63.00. You can pay online below. Please make a note of your receipt number and transaction date and include it on your application form


Outline planning consent

Outline planning permission with all matters reserved

Form Help

Outline planning permission with some matters reserved

Form Help

Checklist and notes

Conditions and reserved matters

Removal or variation of a condition following grant of planning permission

Form Help

Approval of reserved matters following outline approval

Form Help

Modification or discharge of planning obligation


Notice under Article 11 if required


To be served by the applicant on an owner or tenant of land.

Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission
Please submit 1 copy. Fee required. Please submit a copy of the original approved plan and a proposed amended plan.

Form Help Guidance

Discharge of planning conditions

Form Help

List of samples


Application for extension to the time limits for implementing planning permission and associated listed building and/or conservation area consent
Please submit 1 copy. Fee required

Form Help Guidance

Listed building consent

Form Help

and if applicable Design and Access Statement

A statement to explain the process which has led to the development proposal and to justify its design in a structured way

Notice under Article 11 if required


To be served by the applicant on an owner or tenant of land covered by listed building applications.

Demolition in a Conservation Area

For the demolition of unlisted buildings within a Conservation Area where no redevelopment is proposed. Please submit 1 copy. No fee required.

Form for planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area.

Help regarding application for planning permission for relevant demolition in a conservation area.

Related information

If you wish to check the general boundary of the conservation area go to our conservation area publications page. The pdf files here each contain a map showing the Conservation Area boundary. See also The Control of Demolition in Conservation Areas - A brief guide for developers.

Prior notification

Works to trees or hedgerow removal

Hedgerow removal notice

Please submit 1 copy. No fee required.

Form Help

High hedges complaint

Submit 1 copy. Fee £385


To find out if trees are protected you can:

  • using My Area
  • completing an enquiry form
  • seeing our conservation areas information. The files contain a map showing the conservation area boundary
  • calling customer services on 01423 500600

Display of advertisements or signs
Please submit 1 copy. Fee required

Form Help

Lawful development certificate

Application for a certificate of lawfulness for an existing use or operation or activity in breach of a planning condition.
Please submit 1 copy. Fee required.

Form Help

Application for a certificate of lawfulness for a proposed use or development.
Please submit 1 copy. Fee required.

Form Help

A Users Guide to Lawful Development Certificates produced by the DCLG.

Stopping up or diversion of a public footpath or bridleway

Section 257 Stopping up/diversion of footpaths/bridleways

Please submit 1 copy. Recovery of costs applies - see Note 5 on the form.


Hazardous substances consent

Consent form 1 - new application

Please ensure that you send us the following relevant information:

  • A site map (The site map shall be a map reproduced from, or based upon, an Ordnance Survey map with a scale of not less than 1 to 10,000 which identifies the land to which the application relates and shows National Grid lines and reference numbers). The map must show the location of the site in relation to the surrounding population
  • Substance location plan clearly showing the location of the hazardous substances on site. (Tables B, and C or/and D of the form should be completed to indicate location and storage details) The substance location plan shall be a plan of the land to which the application relates, drawn to a scale of not less than 1 to 2,500 which identifies
    • (a) any area of the site intended to be used for the storage of the substance;
    • (b) where the substance is to be used in a manufacturing, treatment or other industrial process, the location of the major items of plant involved in that process in which the substance will be present; and
    • (c) access points to and from the land

Change of location or control

Consent form 2 - change of location or control

  • where relevant to a change, a change of location/control plan and particulars of the relevant consent
  • a change of location plan shall identify the location of the hazardous substance at the date of the application for the change, and the proposed location requiring the application
  • the change of control plan shall identify each area of the site under separate control after the proposed change of control
  • particulars of he relevant consent shall be a copy of the consent or relevant claim or relevant direction (as appropriate)

Additional detail

  • the application form should include the applicants full address
  • full site address including post code or grid reference
  • ensure table A is completed with names or categories of substances and quantities

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