Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our offices are currently closed to personal callers because of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you wish to request a personal search please send an email to [email protected]. Please include the full postal address of the property required plus an up to date plan which clearly outlines the search extent in red.

We will return the results to you via email within six to eight working days.

Additional information requests

  • we can provide a fully researched response for any of the Con 29 questions you may require.  The fees for each individual question can be found in the schedule of registers/information for local enquiries search within the frequently asked questions area of the local land charges section. We will contact you by phone to take the appropriate fee and the results will be returned to you by email. If the additional information is requested with your Personal Search the results for both the Personal Search and the additional information will be returned together, usually within six to eight working days
  • we are also able to supply a report showing the raw data for a requested address. This information will be unrefined data only which has been extracted from application details as recorded upon receipt for the property address supplied. It will not have been fully researched or verified. The report will be generated separately and will be returned by email, usually within eight to ten working day

The above process will apply as a temporary measure to help protect the safety and wellbeing of both staff and visitors until we are able to accommodate personal inspection of records in our office.

If you require any assistance with finding information which is currently available on our website please email [email protected]

Page last updated 18/05/2020