Viewing personal search information

Personal Search viewings are facilitated by the Customer Service Centre at the Civic Centre, St Lukes Avenue, Harrogate HG1 2AE.

The following procedures apply:

  • appointments will be made for a specified 30 minute time slot. Due to the limited number of computer terminals and staff availability it will be essential that you arrive on time as the computer and staff assistance will not be available to you outside the booked time. If you require additional time you may be asked to arrange another appointment which may be on a different day
  • appointments will normally be made between 8.30am - 11.30am and 2.30pm - 4pm Monday to Friday. The reception area closes at 4.30pm so please allow sufficient time for records to be inspected when arranging an appointment
  • when booking your appointment you will need to specify which property addresses you wish to view
  • we can only accept a maximum of six addresses during each appointment
  • when booking your appointment you will need to specify exactly what records you will wish to view. The staff who will assist you when viewing information will not be Land Charges staff therefore please state the full name of any registers you wish to inspect and do not refer to Con 29 question numbers
  • to request your personal search and any associated information please contact our Land Charges section by emailing stating the address and include a plan and any Con 29 questions, clearly stating whether these are to be paid for or requested under EIR
  • Land Charges will email you to advise when the information is available to view. This email will contain the contact details you will need for arranging you appointment at the Customer Services Centre.
  • Land Charges staff will be located in a different building to the staff who will be assisting when you inspect the records therefore it is essential that you provide full details when arranging your appointment to view information

To enable our Customer Services team to fully assist during your appointment please can you ensure the following when you arrive at Customer Services

  • please ensure that you arrive at your appointment time. Due to staff and space restrictions, it may not be possible to accommodate early or late arrivals
  • please ensure that you have the full postal address details for all the properties to be inspected
  • please ensure that you have a plan to clearly show each property/area of land to be inspected. Without a full postal address or a location plan Customer Services will not be able assist with inspections under EIR

Page last updated 02/02/2018