We are currently preparing a New Settlement Development Plan Document (DPD) to set out detailed policy requirements for the development of a new settlement of at least 3000 homes and associated uses in the broad location of Green Hammerton and Cattal.

A new settlement is one element of our growth strategy set out in the emerging Local Plan, which has now been submitted for independent examination. For more details please visit www.harrogate.gov.uk/localplansubmission.

The New Settlement DPD will expand on the approach in the emerging Local Plan and establish the boundary, nature and form of the new settlement, including: highway and access arrangements; public transport, pedestrian and cycle linkages; housing types and tenures; design requirements; and key infrastructure requirements.

We have prepared a frequently asked questions document about the delivery of a new settlement in the district.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

It has been determined that a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) needs to be undertaken to assess the environmental impacts of the emerging New Settlement DPD.

SEA is a mechanism for considering and communicating the likely significant effects of an emerging plan, and reasonable alternatives in terms of key environmental issues. The aim of SEA is to inform and influence the plan-making process with a view to avoiding or mitigating negative environmental effects and maximising positive effects.

One of the first stages in the SEA process is to establish what the key issues are that the appraisal should focus on. This is called 'scoping', and involves a review of relevant policies, plans and programmes (a 'contextual review') and information about the current and future state of the environment, economy and social factors (the 'baseline'). This information is then used to set out a framework for undertaking strategic environmental assessments as the plan is developed.

An SEA scoping report has been commissioned and sent to the statutory consultation bodies for consultation.

Please note that an Interim Sustainability Appraisal will be published alongside the Preferred Option consultation and open to all for comment.

Page last updated 05/09/2018