The council submitted the Harrogate District Local Plan for independent examination on Friday 31 August 2018. This page will form the main source of information regarding the Harrogate District Local Plan Examination. It should be read alongside the submission page, from which the original submission library (including all representations) can be accessed.

Key news and updates


Richard Schofield BA (Hons) MA MRTPI, has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the plan is sound.

Programme Officer

An independent Programme Officer, Liz Sheard, has been appointed to assist the independent Inspector through the examination. She is responsible for all procedural matters of the examination and all future correspondence with respondents to the Local Plan regarding the examination will be via her.

Contact Details:

Liz Sheard
Telephone: 01423 556952
Postal address: Programme Officer, c/o Harrogate Borough Council, PO Box 787, Harrogate, HG1 9RW.

Dates for hearing sessions

The hearing sessions (which are part of the overall examination) will take place between:
Tuesday 15 January until Friday 18 January 2019
Tuesday 22 January until Friday 25 January 2019
Tuesday 29 January until Friday 1 February 2019
Tuesday 5 February until Friday 8 February 2019 and if necessary
Tuesday 12 February until Friday 15 February 2019

Venue: Civic Centre, St Luke's Avenue, Harrogate HG1 2AE

How to find us - Map

  • by foot - the Civic Centre is a 15 minute walk from Harrogate town centre. Follow Kings Road past Harrogate Convention Centre towards Grove Road. The entrance will be signposted when you reach Coppice Drive
  • by car - there is limited customer parking available (accessed from St Lukes Avenue) or disc parking is available on Kings Road. Information on parking
  • by bus - the 2A and 2B Harrogate bus station to Bilton buses stop on Kings Road at St Lukes Avenue (outbound) and Franklin Mount (inbound)

There will be a morning and afternoon session on each day. A draft programme indicating the matters to be discussed at each hearing session will follow shortly. Guidance and further information for those who wish to attend and/or participate can be found in the examination guidance note from the inspector (EX/INS/001).

Please note that the dates and programmes for the hearing sessions may be subject to change.

A draft programme is available to view. A final version of the programme will be published on this webpage around two weeks prior to the start of the hearings. It will be for individual participants to check the progress of the hearings, either on the website or with the Programme Officer, and to ensure that they are present at the right time.

Examination library

Further to submission of the Plan, the following documents have been added to the examination library.

ALP04 Green Infrastructure Supplementary Planning document
EBH09 Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment: Methodology, March 2013
EBH10 Harrogate Borough Council : Gypsy and Traveller housing Needs Survey, Peter Brett and Opinion Research Services (2013)
EBH11 Housing Land Supply update Q2 October 2018
EBE08 HDLP Retail Background Paper, Peter Brett Associates (August 2018)
OD12 AONB management Plan 2014-2019
OD13 York, North Yorkshire and East Riding Spatial Plan, YNYER LEP (2015)
OD14 North Yorkshire Joint Health and Well-being Strategy 2015-2020
OD15 North Yorkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Annual update 2016
OD16 HBC Annual Monitoring Report 2016
OD17 Sites and Policies DPD Submission Draft, HBC (Nov 2013)
EBE09 Review of Best and Good Employment Sites, HBC (May 2011)
EBE07 Visitor Accommodation Study 2015 - this is a duplicate of EBE05 Harrogate District Visitor Accommodation Study added to the library in error.
OD11 Minute of the Council meeting that approved the submission of the Plan for examination Dec 2017
EBH07 Harrogate Borough Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment September 2015
EBH08 Harrogate Borough Council Strategic Housing Market Assessment update June 2016
SD20 Draft Housing Delivery Action Plan, October 2018
ALP05 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy SPD (January 2015)
ALP06 Darley Village Design Statement (2002) (Parish Council for Menwith with Darley)
ALP07 Harrogate District Landscape Character Assessment 2004 (Harrogate)
EBH12 Harrogate District Brownfield Land Register rev 1 (December 2017)
OD18 A Strategic Transport Prospectus for North Yorkshire (April 2017) (North Yorkshire County Council)
OD19 Rationale for the Studley Royal World Heritage Site Buffer Zone (2013) (National Trust and English Heritage)
OD20 Letter to Council Leaders (2015) (DCLG and DCMS)
OD21 New Build Developments Delivering Gigabit Capable Connections (2018) DDCMS
OD22 Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review
OD23 Guide to available disability data (2015) DCLG
ALP08 Harrogate District Heritage Management Guidance Supplementary Planning guidance
OD24 Biodiversity 2020: A Strategy for England's Wildlife and Ecosystem Services
OD25 Examiner's report on Ripon Neighbourhood Plan
OD26 Cabinet Member report: Regulation 18 Decision
OD27 Harrogate local Authority Health profile 2018
OD28: A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment
CD05a HDLP Habitat Regulations Assessment Addendum December 2018
EBHP03 Draft Open Space Supplementary Planning Document Oct 2016
EBHP04 Draft Open Space SPD Methodology Paper Oct 2016

A full index of all documents submitted to the Planning Inspectorate (including links to the documents) is available by visiting

Responses to matters issues and questions

EX/MIQ/001 Cunnane Town Planning
EX/MIQ/002 Harlow Pannal Ash Residents Association
EXMIQ003 Holmes Planning on behalf of H Webster redacted
EXMIQ004 M Welch redacted
EXMIQ007 HAG matter 3.1
EXMIQ008 HAG matter 3.2
EXMIQ009 HAG matter 1.4
EXMIQ010 HAG matter 3.5
EXMIQ011 HAG matter 3.5
EXMIQ012 HAG matter 9
EXMIQ013 HAG matter 3.3
EXMIQ014 HAG matter 3.4
EXMIQ015 Cullum-Smith
EXMIQ016 Newall
EXMIQ017 Harrison matter 4
EXMIQ018 Opus matter 9
EXMIQ019 Hutcheon matter 7
EXMIQ020 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 1
EXMIQ021 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 3
EXMIQ022 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 4
EXMIQ023 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 5
EXMIQ024 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 9
EXMIQ025 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 15
EXMIQ026 PannalBurnBridge PC matter 2
EXMIQ027 ID Planning matter 9
EXMIQ028 Johnson Mowat matter 7
EXMIQ029 DH Land matter 4
EXMIQ030 DH Land matter 3
EXMIQ031 DH Land matter 9
EXMIQ032 Wilby
EXMIQ033 Stonebridge Homes matter 7
EXMIQ034 Robbins matter 7
EXMIQ035 Kaye
EXMIQ036 Taylor Wimpey matter 8
EXMIQ037 Hart matter 14
EXMIQ038 Bennett redacted
EXMIQ038 Bennett appendix
EXMIQ038 Bennett appendix 2
EXMIQ038 Bennett appendix 3
EXMIQ039 Spring Lane
EXMIQ040 Loxley Homes Ltd matter 3
EXMIQ041 Loxley Homes Ltd matter 9
EXMIQ042 Dunsby
EXMIQ043 Anwyl Land redacted
EXMIQ044 KCS redacted
EXMIQ045 Heaton redacted
EXMIQ046 Lochlan redacted
EXMIQ047 Bellerby redacted
EXMIQ048 Mulgrave redacted
EXMIQ049 YAS redacted
EXMIQ050 York House Leisure redacted
EXMIQ051 North Rigton
EXMIQ051 North Rigton appendix redacted
EXMIQ052 National Trust matter 17
EXMIQ052 National Trust appendix 1
EXMIQ053 National Trust matter 7
EXMIQ054 Barratt David Wilson matter 2
EXMIQ055 Barratt David Wilson matter 3
EXMIQ056 Barratt matter 4
EXMIQ057 Barratt matter 7
EXMIQ058 Barratt matter 8
EXMIQ059 Barratt matter 10
EXMIQ060 Barratt matter 14
EXMIQ060 Barratt appendix
EXMIQ061 Better Wetherby appendix
EXMIQ062 Better Wetherby matter 1.5
EXMIQ063 Better Wetherby matter
EXMIQ064 Taylor Wimpey matter 7
EXMIQ065 Taylor Wimpey matter 14
EXMIQ066 Taylor Wimpey matter 4
EXMIQ067 Taylor Wimpey matter 3
EXMIQ068 Taylor Wimpey matter 8
EXMIQ069 Taylor Wimpey matter 3
EXMIQ070 Taylor Wimpey matter 4
EXMIQ071 Taylor Wimpey matter 8
EXMIQ072 Linden Homes matter 3
EXMIQ073 Linden Homes matter 4
EXMIQ074 Taylor Wimpey Linden matter 2
EXMIQ075 Taylor Wimpey Linden matter 3
EXMIQ076 Taylor Wimpey Linden matter 4
EXMIQ077 Taylor Wimpey matter 2
EXMIQ078 Taylor Wimpey matter 3
EXMIQ079 Taylor Wimpey matter 4
EXMIQ080 Taylor Wimpey matter 2
EXMIQ081 Taylor Wimpey matter 3
EXMIQ082 Taylor Wimpey matter 4
EXMIQ083 Stockeld Park matter 9 redacted
EXMIQ084 Yor Place
EXMIQ085 Sir Cecil Ackroyd
EXMIQ086 Barnardos matter 3
EXMIQ087 Barnardos matter 4
EXMIQ088 Barnardos matter 7
EXMIQ089 Hampsthwaite PC matter 1
EXMIQ089 Hampsthwaite PC appendix 1
EXMIQ089 Hampsthwaite PC appendix 2
EXMIQ090 Hampsthwaite PC matter 2
EXMIQ091 Hampsthwaite PC matter 3
EXMIQ092 Hampsthwaite PC matter 9
EXMIQ093 Plant matter 4
EXMIQ094 Plant matter 3
EXMIQ095 Plant matter 9
EXMIQ096 Ianson matter 8
EXMIQ097 Ianson matter 4
EXMIQ098 HBF matter 2
EXMIQ099 HBF matter 4
EXMIQ100 HBF matter 14
EXMIQ101 HBF matter 15
EXMIQ102 Garforth matter 4
EXMIQ103 Garforth matter 6
EXMIQ104 Garforth matter 3
EXMIQ105 Garforth matter 8
EXMIQ106 Lowsley local green space
EXMIQ107 Square Feet Antela matter 3
EXMIQ108 Square Feet Antela matter 9
EXMIQ109 Commercial Estates matter 7
EXMIQ110 Commercial Estates matter 13
EXMIQ112 Kirby Hill 980428
EXMIQ113 Richborough matter 14
EXMIQ113 Richborough appendix 1
EXMIQ113 Richborough appendix 2
EXMIQ114 Bellway matter 3
EXMIQ115 Bellway matter 4
EXMIQ116 Bellway matter 9
EXMIQ117 Bellway matter 2
EXMIQ118 Bellway matter 14
EXMIQ119 Richborough matter 7
EXMIQ120 Richborough matter 4
EXMIQ121 Richborough matter 3
EXMIQ122 Richborough matter 2
EXMIQ123 Hollings Robinson matter 3
EXMIQ124 Hollings Robinson matter 10
EXMIQ125 Granby matter 7
EXMIQ126 Nicholls matter 7
EXMIQ127 Nicholls matter 14
EXMIQ128 Lonsdale matter 2 redacted
EXMIQ129 Lonsdale matter 3 redacted
EXMIQ133 Darley Menwith
EXMIQ134 Bramall
EXMIQ135 Barker matter 11
EXMIQ136 Banks Group matter 3
EXMIQ137 Banks Group matter 7
EXMIQ137 Banks Group matter 7 appendix 1
EXMIQ137 Banks Group matter 7 appendix 2
EXMIQ138 Banks Group matter 18
EXMIQ139 Banks Group matter 14
EXMIQ140 Gladman Developments matter 1
EXMIQ141 Gladman Developments matter 2
EXMIQ142 Gladman Developments matter 3
EXMIQ143 Gladman Developments matter 4
EXMIQ144 Gladman Developments matter 7
EXMIQ145 Gladman Developments matter 8
EXMIQ146 Gladman Developments matter 12
EXMIQ147 Gladman Developments matter 14
EXMIQ148 Flaxby Park matter 1 Appendix 1
EXMIQ149 Flaxby Park matter 3
EXMIQ150 Flaxby Park matter 12 Appendix 1
EXMIQ151 Ripon City Council matter 13
EXMIQ152 Ripon City Council matter 14
EXMIQ153 Ripon City Council matter 17
EXMIQ154 Ripon City Council matter 18
EXMIQ155 Kirk Deighton PC
EXMIQ156 CEG Land matter 2
EXMIQ157 CEG Land matter 3
EXMIQ158 CEG Land matter 4
EXMIQ159 CEG Land matter 12
EXMIQ160 CEG Land matter 15
EXMIQ161 Halton Homes matter 18
EXMIQ162 Oakgate matter 1
EXMIQ163 Oakgate matter 2
EXMIQ164 Oakgate matter 3
EXMIQ165 Oakgate matter 4
EXMIQ166 Oakgate matter 5
EXMIQ167 Oakgate matter 12
EXMIQ168 Oakgate matter 13
EXMIQ169 Oakgate matter 14
EXMIQ170 Oakgate matter 15
EXMIQ171 Oakgate matter 16
EXMIQ172 Oakgate matter 17
EXMIQ173 Oakgate matter 18
EXMIQ174 North Stainley matter 3
EXMIQ175 North Stainley matter 6
EXMIQ176 North Stainley matter 10

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