The Harrogate district sites and policies DPD was submitted to the Secretary of State for examination on the 29 November 2013. Following a pre-hearing meeting, examination hearings began on 23 April 2014.

But during the hearing sessions, the independently-appointed planning inspector carrying out the examination raised two fundamental concerns about the plan:

  • that the level of overall housing provision for the district was too low; and
  • that the council’s employment land review was out of date

Given the amount of work that would be needed to address these concerns, the inspector invited the council to consider withdrawing the DPD from examination.

A meeting of the full council on 18 June 2014 resolved to withdraw the plan, and the withdrawn sites and policies DPD won't be a consideration in deciding planning applications.

You can read the sites and policies DPD statement of withdrawal and find out the answers to questions about the withdrawal – including what happens now and how we'll keep people involved in the withdrawn DPD informed of the preparation of the new local plan.


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