The Local Development Scheme (LDS) sets out the timetable for the preparation of the Harrogate district Local Plan.

It also includes project management arrangements, information on the evidence that will support the Local Plan and an evaluation of the risks to its preparation.

The LDS third review, January 2018, is available to view in full. The third review of the Local Development Scheme provides details of the timescales to prepare a separate Development Plan Document (DPD), which will deal specifically with the allocation of land for a new settlement in the Green Hammerton/Cattal area.

2018 January - Local Development Scheme - third review

Stages of plan-making

Four stages have already been completed, involving public consultations on vision and priorities, growth options and emerging policies (in July 2015) and on draft development management policies in November 2015.

Consultation on the draft Local Plan - visions and objectives, all policies, allocations, designations and development/infill limits - took place in November 2016.

Further public consultation on additional sites for the draft Local Plan took place in July 2017.

A formal publication consultation of the Local Plan will take place in January 2018, and it will be submitted to the Secretary of State in summer that year.

The Local Plan will face examination in winter 2018 and is timetabled for adoption in spring 2019.

Local Plan Engagement Strategy

The council has updated its Engagement Strategy, which sets out the main stages of Local Plan preparation, the timescales, and the opportunities for you to get involved.


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