A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is a process that must be carried out at each stage of preparing a local plan. Its role is to promote sustainable development by assessing the extent to which the emerging plan will help to achieve environmental, economic and social objectives. It also includes the requirements of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

The SA attempts to predict the likely positive and negative effects that the delivery of the local plan will have on people and the environment. The report recommends how the local plan can be prepared so that negative effects can be reduced or eliminated, and positive effects created or improved. It also proposes monitoring so that how the local plan affects people and the environment can be seen.

The Sustainability Appraisal is an evolving process and, in relation to the emerging local plan, will be done in the following stages:

  • A: setting the context and objectives, establishing the baseline and deciding on the scope (scoping report)
  • B: developing and refining options and assessing effects
  • C: preparing the sustainability appraisal report
  • D: consulting on the emerging Harrogate district local plan and the SA report
  • E: monitoring the significant effects of implementing the local plan

The council has prepared four SA reports to reflect each consultation of the emerging Harrogate district local plan and these are listed below.

Sustainability Appraisal Publication Draft January 2018

This iteration of the Sustainability Appraisal accompanies the publication draft of local plan 2018 and updates and consolidates all previous versions of the document. You can view the document via our consultation portal, or you can view PDFs of the document below. Due to the size of the document it has been split into a number of parts;

Sustainability Appraisal addendum one July 2017

The purpose of this report is to provide an addendum to the draft Sustainability Appraisal consulted on in 2016 in order to support the additional sites consultation. The addendum contains assessments of additional draft housing and employment allocations, assessment of the draft settlement allocation at Green Hammerton and assessments of amended draft housing allocations. The addendum can be viewed below:

2017 Sustainability Appraisal addendum one

Draft Sustainability Appraisal October 2016

This iteration of the Sustainability Appraisal, to accompany the draft local plan 2016, updates the interim report and clearly charts changes in the appraisal process and the further development of the plan. Having reached the draft plan stage the appraisal provides further assessment to inform a growth strategy and provides detailed appraisal of all submitted sites. The report also includes a further assessment of draft Development Management policies. The draft Sustainability Appraisal can be viewed below:

2016 October - draft Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal interim report July 2015

This is the second report prepared as part of the evidence base for the Harrogate District Local Plan and forms part of the Issues and Options Consultation (17 July - 28 August 2015). This interim report builds upon the work undertaken at the Scoping Report Stage and starts the process of developing and refining alternative growth options and assessing effects, and refines the Assessment Rationale for Sites. The report also includes a summary of the comments received at the Scoping Report Stage. The report and appendices can be viewed below.

Harrogate District Local Plan Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report, (Stage A of the process above)

The council consulted on the Harrogate District Local Plan Draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping report, (Stage A of the process above), with Natural England, English Heritage and the Environment Agency, and a number of other key organisations. The report and appendices can be viewed below:

A full consultation was not required at this stage.

Habitat Regulations Assessment

The objective of the Habitat Regulations Assessment is to determine whether the emerging local plan is likely to have a significant effect on the achievement of the conservation objectives of the European conservation sites within and around the Harrogate district. These sites are:

  • Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for birds classified by the 1979 Wild Birds Directive
  • Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) for other habitats and species designated through the 1992 Habitats Directive; and
  • Ramsar sites, which are internationally important wetland areas designated under the Ramsar Convention

The Habitat Regulations Assessment is a process which feeds into the development of the emerging local plan. To date, there have been three iterations of the Habitat Regulations Assessment which can be viewed below. The next iteration will accompany the Local Plan: Publication draft 2018. You can view the document via our consultation portal, or you can view PDF of the document below.

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