Conservation areas have special architectural or historic interest. Designation by the council gives an area more protection against harmful development or redevelopment.

In our district, they range in size from a large part of the Victorian centre of Harrogate to small rural hamlets like Middlesmoor.

Conservation area appraisals

A recent four-year review of the district's conservation areas resulted in a series of appraisals. In 2012, Starbeck Spa became the newest addition, bringing the total number of conservation areas across the district to 53.

You can check our list to find out if a property falls within one of the 53 conservation areas in the district. A boundary map for each conservation area is included in its associated conservation area appraisal. Or you can search via My Property.

Conservation area appraisals

Article 4 directions

These directions are designed to bring under planning control types of development that wouldn't normally need planning permission. To find out more about the confirmed Article 4 directions for Great Ouseburn and Harrogate, visit our Article 4 direction page.

Conservation areas and development/demolition

Buildings and trees within conservation areas may enjoy additional planning protection. Go to our planning application forms page to get a conservation area consent form or a form for notice of intent to carry out tree work within a conservation area.


Page last updated 17/06/2016