General admission

  • during women only sessions, there may be male lifeguards on duty
  • we provide suitable changing facilities, easy access to the poolside and poolside lifts to assist entry into the water. Assistance is always available upon request
  • customers are reminded to remove all jewellery items before entering the water
  • for health and safety reasons, glass containers are not permitted on our premises
  • we operate a NO SMOKING policy throughout all our buildings
  • we do not accept liability for any loss of, or damage to, customer property

Child admission

For your safety and comfort, one responsible adult (aged 16 years or over) may supervise two children under the age of 8 years, when the following conditions apply:

  • where one adult supervises two children under the age of 8 years, all children under 4 years must wear armbands, or appropriate flotation devices at all times
  • all pools will identify a designated shallow area of water where supervision will apply. Armbands or flotation devices will not be allowed outside these areas during sessions
  • when one adult supervises one child only aged under 4 years (for instance, on a one-to-one basis), constant supervision and contact with the child is required at all times. Flotation devices are optional and pool use is not restricted. However, when flotation devices are worn both adult and child must remain within the designated area
  • family tickets apply to general swim sessions only

Page last updated 30/10/2017