Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Our gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools are being opened in phases. As a result, we are not accepting new members for the time being.

Our swim-only memberships offer unlimited access to the pools across the district, with the exception of early birds sessions. Session and timetable restrictions will apply and a surcharge of £1 will be levied at the Hydro for non-Hydro members.


Membership type:

  • Hydro swimming early riser* - monthly price £28.00
  • Hydro swimming plus - £38.00
  • Hydro swimming plus couples - £68.00
  • Hydro swimming concession - £24.00
  • Hydro swimming concession couples - £45.00
  • Hydro swimming child - £20.00

*This membership applies to our early riser swims only

Knaresborough Pool, Nidderdale Pool, Ripon Spa Baths and Starbeck Baths

Membership type:

  • swimming early riser* - monthly price £23.00
  • swimming plus - £38.00
  • swimming plus couples - £68.00
  • swimming concession - £24.00
  • swimming couples concession - £45.00
  • swimming child - £20.00

*This membership applies to our early riser swims only

Sign up

Our memberships are collected via direct debit on the 1st of each month, or via three months' advance payment. Call in and complete the enrolment forms and direct debit mandate.

We don't charge a joining fee. The only fee you'll need to pay is a pre-payment to cover the membership fee from the day you enrol to the date of the first collection of your direct debit.

We'll then issue you a membership swipe card and you're ready to go.

You should read our terms and conditions

We need one month's notice to cancel your direct debit by completing one of our cancellation forms. You'll need to do this at the gym as we're unable to post these to you.

Page last updated 29/07/2020