It's a simple process to become a trader at Ripon market and we welcome new traders. Please complete the booking form to register your interest. Alternatively you can apply by calling our Customer Services team 01423 500600 who will pass your details on to the Markets Officer.

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Allocating market stalls at Ripon depends on stall availability and what you plan to sell.

When you first attend as a trader, you will need to complete a casual trader registration form if you haven't already applied online. You will also need to provide a £5 million public liability insurance certificate, photographic ID and address details. Once everything is agreed you can start trading on the day. Please bring with you the cash for the stall(s) as the Market Officer will ask for payment at 8am on each day of trading. Once you trade with us on a regular basis our preferred payment method is direct debit. The Market Officer will discuss this with you and direct you to the appropriate paperwork.

April 2019-2020 market rates

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