Within Harrogate district there are 148 Parishes, making up 76 Parish and Town Councils and 11 parish meetings. Funding to support the activities of Parish and Town Councils is raised by adding an extra cost known as a "precept" to householders' council tax bills within each parish. Your parish precept will be clearly shown on your council tax bill.

Parish Councillors are elected on four year terms. Elections are normally held on the first Thursday in May.

Here are details of parish council clerks and councillors. You can follow the links to see the registered financial and other interests for each parish councillor.

Casual vacancies on Parish/Town Councils can arise at anytime, for example due to resignation or death of an existing councillor. If an election is not requested then the remaining councillors can fill the vacancy through co-option.

Vacancies awaiting election request


Current vacancies awaiting co-option


Electoral enquiries

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