This year district council elections will be held across the borough on the 3 May 2018. Here, you can find more information regarding standing as a district councillor for your local council.

Becoming a councillor is a great way to represent and make positive changes to your local community.

You can either stand as an independent, or as a representative of a political party. If you want to represent a party, you will first need to join one and ask them to select you as their candidate for your area. In order to stand as a candidate at district level you must meet certain qualifications.

The qualifications for standing as a candidate in a local government elections are as follows:

  • a person must not be disqualified from holding office
  • must be a British or Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of the republic of Ireland or of the European Union
  • be 18 years of age

They must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • be a local government elector for the area
  • occupied land or property in the area for the last 12 months
  • worked in the area for the last year
  • resided in the area for the whole of the last 12 months

In order to stand a candidate must submit to the returning officer a nomination paper signed by 10 local government electors for the area by a statutory deadline.

The electoral services department at Harrogate Borough Council will be holding a briefing session for anybody who would like to stand as a district councillor in the upcoming election due to be held on the 3 May. If you would like to attend the session below please email to confirm your attendance. The session will be held at the Civic Centre, St Lukes Avenue, Harrogate HG1 2AE

Briefing and nominations workshop session for district council elections - 1 March 2018 at 6pm until 8pm.

Please see the election timetable that outlines the statutory deadlines

Electoral enquiries

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