In accordance with its Constitution and good practice, the council is required to consult with its local stakeholders in relation to budget policy.

The consultation in relation to 2019/20 budget has now closed. The results will be made available on the have your say results page once analysed.

In relation to the budget for 2018/19 both a web based and paper based consultation was carried out from 9 June to 1 September 2017 and sought views from the District Panel (850 residents), local residents via the have your say web page and customer contact accounts, press release, Harrogate Borough Council employees, Harrogate Borough Council Councillors, Parish Councillors, the Voluntary and Community Sector, local businesses and external partners.

In total, 1,007 responses to the budget survey were received - please see the full results of the consultation.


Page last updated 24/09/2018