Since 2010, the council's central government grant has reduced by 54%, while its net revenue budget, which covers the cost of running the services it provides, has decreased from £25 million to £18 million – a 28% reduction.

Central government funding will continue to fall significantly and may cease completely by 2020.

The council has been planning and preparing to make good the grant reduction to ensure it continues to provide an excellent service for its customers. In order to meet the challenges it may face, the council has started to prepare 'Our Strategy for Success' to help guide the way it operates in the future.

The council is creating an ambition for the district for the next five years, from which an ambition for the council will be developed to help it to improve the way that the council works to deliver its high-quality services.

The strategy focusses on four key areas -

Theme 1 - Customer Focus:
To further improve the council's services and ensure that the council is meeting the current needs of its customers, while being open and honest about the level of service it is able to deliver.

Theme 2 - Team Harrogate:
To empower all employees to work as 'One Council', so that they can deliver services and work together with a 'can do' approach to achieving common objectives and be positive and proud of the organisation. This will help the authority to continue to be a high performing council.

Theme 3 - Self Sufficiency:
Reviewing processes, streamlining activities and developing income streams. By doing so the council will reduce its reliance on Government grants, minimise the impact on the services that it offers, and continue to meet the needs of its customers.

Theme 4 - Community Leadership:
Ensuring the organisation can continue to positively shape and influence the future of the district through strategic leadership, proactive use of resources, powers and influence, and ensuring it is agile enough to respond any major changes/challenges it might face moving forwards.

Our strategy for success

Page last updated 14/03/2018