Current consultations
Helping communities recover from the coronavirus pandemic - closes 30 September 2020
Budget 2021-2022 consultation - closes 18 October 2020
Otley Road cycle route - closes 9 November 2020
Harrogate Horticultural Nursery customer questionnaire - closes 31 December 2020
Rapid charging points
My Health, My Tech survey

Helping communities recover from the coronavirus pandemic

We're determined to emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis and we need your help.

With our public and voluntary sector partner organisations, we're working on a plan to support communities recover from the pandemic.

We'd like to know what impact Covid-19 has had on you and what the new 'normal' means for your daily life.

We'll use this feedback to ensure our future support best reflects and matches the needs of communities - and people - across the district.

So, we'd be really grateful if you'd spend a minute or two answering a few questions.

The closing date is 30 September 2020.

Budget 2021-2022 consultation

We know you value and appreciate the local services we provide across the district. This year, those services have been under increasing pressure, not least because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has significantly affected our finances on top of the £8.2 million we've had cut from our income since 2010. Shortly, we'll begin the process to set our budget for 2021/22 and we need your help. We want to understand what services are most important to you. The information will help us refine our plans and prioritise our financial resources accordingly.

Budget 2021-2022 consultation

The closing date is 18 October 2020.

Otley Road cycle route

North Yorkshire County Council are introducing a series of sustainable transport improvements in the West of Harrogate. These improvements will include smart traffic lights, improvements to the junction of Harlow Moor Road and Otley Road, a new off-road cycle route on Otley Road and new or improved pedestrian crossings.

Because part the proposed cycle route intends to use existing verges and footpaths between Cold Bath Road and Beech Grove on Otley Road, that are designated as Stray land, a formal public consultation is required. You can find out more about the project on the Otley Road page before commenting on the proposals.

The closing date is 9 November 2020.

Harrogate Horticultural Nursery customer questionnaire

We are undertaking a survey to understand more about who our customers are, why they visit our Horticultural Nursery and what improvements people might like to see there in the future.  We would like to hear your feedback whether or not you have recently visited our Horticultural Nursery. 


The survey will be available for comments until 31 December 2020 and the results will be published in February 2021 on the results page.

Rapid charging points

We have been operating rapid charging points at the civic centre since December 2017. We are seeking user feedback so that we can improve the service and provide better value for the customer and the council.

We would appreciate your feedback to help us to make these improvements.

My Health, My Tech

Let the North Yorkshire Health and Wellbeing Board know your ideas for future digital health services

They would like you to share your ideas about how digital technology can be developed to provide better, more joined-up health and wellbeing services in the future.

For further information and to complete the survey please visit

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