Most noise complaints fall into three areas:

  • domestic noise - such as loud music, barking dogs, burglar alarms and late-night parties
  • commercial noise - including factory noise, deliveries, construction site noise and music from pubs and clubs
  • street noise - such as car alarms, roadworks machinery and loudspeakers, but not traffic

If your problem is with neighbours, try talking to them informally. Talk face to face, be calm and polite and listen to their point of view. Try to come up with a solution that makes both of you happy.

If talking to your neighbours does not work, our environmental protection service can investigate your complaint. To make a complaint, contact our customer services.

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The investigation will look at:

  • when and how often the noise happens, and how long it lasts
  • location and the character of the area
  • the noise's impact on you
  • how easy it is to avoid the noise

Some noise is not seen as a legal nuisance. This includes one-off parties, neighbours arguing, a lawnmower used during the day, a baby crying or dog barking occasionally and aircraft noise. No house or flat is totally sound proof. We're all affected by neighbour noise from time to time.

Page last updated 19/09/2017