There are laws dealing with insect problems which can be traced to trade or business premises.

The law does not apply where the source of the problem is a domestic home.

Working out the source of the problem can sometimes be a difficult and lengthy process, as flying insects can travel big distances.

Likely sources of insect nuisance include:

  • poultry houses/farms (buildings on agricultural land are not exempt)
  • sewage treatment works
  • manure/silage storage areas
  • animal housing
  • stagnant ditches and drains
  • landfill sites, refuse tips and waste transfer stations

Certain types of land, including arable land, ponds, lakes, reed beds, orchards and nurseries, are exempt from the laws.

If you are suffering from an insect or fly nuisance caused by someone else, please contact us.

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Page last updated 22/11/2017