Artificial light is essential for many reasons, including security and preventing road accidents. But poorly designed, badly aimed lighting, and too much of it can cause people problems.

Nuisance from artificial light can be dealt with if it comes from a premises. This does not apply to issues with street lighting, which would be dealt with by North Yorkshire County Council.

It also does not include light from premises used for transport, or where high levels of light are needed for safety and security, including:

  • airports
  • railways
  • prisons
  • bus stations

The light nuisance must affect the 'reasonable enjoyment' of your property. It must be excessive or produce an unreasonable level of light for the area and must affect you in your property. For example, the light directly lights up your bedroom window. Just being able to see the light would not make it a nuisance.

The government have produced guidance on artificial light.

To avoid causing light pollution:

  • do not fit unnecessary lights
  • do not use excessively bright lights - use the least powerful light needed for the purpose
  • do not leave lights on when they are not needed, consider controlling lights with passive infra-red detectors
  • when aiming floodlights, make sure you only light the area that needs lighting
  • be careful not to put light onto other people's properties or into windows, as this can be very upsetting and a constant source of complaint

Please contact us to report light nuisance.

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Page last updated 15/01/2019