Report a rodent sighting

If you see a rodent, it's our job to investigate where it's come from. We have the power to make sure that people deal with rodents, such as rats and mice, in or on their property.

If you spot a rodent, contact environmental protection. You must give a description of where and when the sighting happened.

We offer a pest control service either on a one-off or contract basis for homes and businesses. It treats a variety of pests, including rodents and insects.

Other animal nuisances include:

  • dead animals - large mammals (bigger than cats) will be removed from public land and streets
  • bird flu - if you find five or more dead wild birds in the same place, read government guidelines and call the DEFRA helpline on 0345 933 5577
  • dog fouling is a health risk. We respond to reports from the public
  • stray dogs are collected and returned to their owner; kennel fees will be charged

By law, residents have a duty to keep their own property free of pests.

Page last updated 08/09/2017