Wedding Dresses at the Pump Room Museum
13 April until 15 September

Over 30 antique and vintage wedding dresses have been selected from the archives for this stunning costume exhibition which also lays bare some of the real life stories behind the dresses. Were these gorgeous dresses the foundation of a wonderful wedding and marriage? Accompanied by two dresses created by contemporary textile artist Julia Triston, this exhibition aims to not only showcase some exquisite historical costumes, but also to add to the discourse around "til death do us part".

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There are three themed Egyptology activity drawers and boxes:

  • investigate - discovery box containing a microscope, magnifying glasses, calculators, weighing scales, rulers, children's laboratory coats and replica Egyptian objects, rocks and minerals and slides for children to find out what they might have found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb
  • create - discovery drawer containing papyrus and pens alongside hieroglyphics alphabet, equipment to make beaded jewellery, stencils
  • imagine - discovery drawer containing replica costumes and head dresses for children and adults, jewellery to try on, books to read

The Strongest Sulphur Well in Europe!

Monday to Saturday at 11am, 2pm and 3pm
Sunday 3pm

Free with your museum ticket

Take a guided tour to the basement of the museum to see and smell the original wells and learn about their role in the development of Harrogate as a thriving spa town.

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