ISABEL ALEXANDER: Artist Illustrator
14 January to 4 June 2017

Isabel Alexander (1910-1996), artist and illustrator, has been described by admirers as 'the English Georgia O'Keeffe'.Isabel Alexander - penecillium

She trained at the Slade School of Art, London in the 1930s, and then during and after the Second World War she worked as an art director on documentary, information and educational films. A single mother in the 1940s, Alexander initially forged a career as an illustrator working on a broad range of subjects including botany, coal mining in South Wales and children's books. She travelled widely in Europe and lived for the last 20 years of her life in Yorkshire, where her work attracted a loyal local following. From the early 1950s she turned from illustration to painting, producing portraits, landscapes, abstracts and finally a haunting series of Hebridean seascapes.

When Isabel died just over 20 years ago she left behind an impressive archive of a lifetime of art work going back to the 1930s. Some of this, together with works assembled from private collections, is now on exhibition together for the first time at the Mercer Art Gallery.

A Grimshaw Harag 53

FRIENDS FOREVER: 25 Years of the Friends of the Mercer Art Gallery
21 January to 4 June 2017

Celebratory exhibition with a Friends theme and an exhibition of the Mercer's treasures, including works bought for the collection with the help of funds from the Friends of the Mercer, including paintings by William Powell Frith, Frank Holl and Alan Davie.

Also a chance to see the Mercer's famous Atkinson Grimshaw paintings, which starred in the award winning 2011 exhibition Painter of Moonlight funded by the Friends of the Mercer.


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