Knaresborough Castle - a stronghold of medieval kings.

In a stunning cliff-top location towering over the River Nidd stands Knaresborough Castle, once a mighty stronghold of medieval kings.

Originally built 900 years ago and remaining a Royal Castle to this day, King John, Edward I and Edward II lavished money to create one of the North's most impressive castles. The castle ruins that we see today give only a small glimpse of its former greatness and its colourful role in the nation's history.

Visit the castle to discover its dramatic history. Find out who built the castle and what life was like for the people who lived in it. How did this military fortress become the ruin we see today? Our expert guides will take you on a tour of the Keep and the mysterious sallyport, bringing the castle's history to life.

The Courthouse Museum tells the story of Knaresborough and many of the its fascinating residents from the past. Housed in the Tudor courthouse with its extremely rare original interior, the museum reveals fascinating details from the Middle Ages to the Victorian period. Our newly opened 17th century gallery explores the role that Knaresborough Castle played in the English Civil War.

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