Below you can find links to resources that can be used during visits as well as additional resources for use in the classroom.

Ancient Egypt

You can use this trail to explore the displays.

These activity sheets help you enjoy the activity drawers below the display cases.

This worksheet investigates the science box.

Play the Egyptology game!

Step-by-step Mummification guide

Ancient Greece

This trail can be used during a visit to the museum.

Harrogate’s Spa History

Why not take your class on a little walk outside to explore the spa buildings near the Royal Pump Room Museum and Valley Gardens?

Exploring the Royal Pump Room Museum

Simple trails to use during a visit, especially for younger children.

Life in Victorian Times

Use these resources to support your classroom learning about life in the past.

Knaresborough Castle

Download our adult and child audio guides and take a tour of the castle. Be transported back to how the site would have appeared in the Middle Ages and discover what life in the castle would have been like. Hear of the grand chamber where royal residents would have greeted their guests. Discover the Medieval graffiti, a secret underground tunnel and much more, before finding out about the fate of the castle following the Civil War.

To download the free mp3 audio guides, select each link and save the files to your computer. You can then upload them to your mp3 player or mobile phone.

Knaresborough Castle audio guides for adults

Knaresborough Castle audio guides for children

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